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   Back for Christmas (Suspense)  Christmas Story (The Mysterious Traveler)  The Adventure of the Christmas Bride (Sherlock Holmes)
   Out for Christmas (Suspense)  The Slaughtered Santas (Nero Wolfe)  A Holiday Visit (CBS Mystery Theater)
   Twas the Night Before Christmas (Suspense)  .22 Rifle for Christmas (Dragnet)  A Very Private Miracle (CBS Mystery Theater)
   Yuletide Miracle (Suspense)  The Big Little Jesus (Dragnet)  Nick Norman and Santa Claus (Broadway is My Beat)
   32nd of December (Suspense)  Joey's Christmas Story (The Shadow)  The Jeweled Scimitar (Broadway Is My Beat)
   Christmas for Carole (Suspense)  A Gift of Murder (The Shadow)  The Carmen Kringle Matter (Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar)
   A Present for Benny (Suspense)  The Stockings Were Hung (The Shadow)  The Missing Mouse Matter (Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar)
   Arctic Rescue (Suspense)  Santa Claus in Glass (Let George Do It)  How I Played Santa Claus (Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar)
   32nd of December (Suspense)  Follow That Train (Let George Do It)  The Plot to Murder Santa Claus (Rocky Fortune)
   Delayed Christmas Present (The Whistler)  Christmas in January (Let George Do It)  The Man Who Murdered Santa Claus (Charlie Chan)
   Lie or Consequences (The Whistler)  A Christmas Carol (Richard Diamond)  Murder Sends a Christmas Card (The Fat Man)
   Three Wise Guys (The Whistler)  The Return of St. Nick (This Is Your FBI)  Christmas Shopping (Crime Photographer)
   Stolen Rings at Christmas (Boston Blackie)  The Innocent Santa Claus (This Is Your FBI)  The Santa Claus of Burns Blvd  (Crime Photographer)
   Santa Claus is No Saint (The Saint)  Back for Christmas (Escape)  Hot New Year's Party  (Crime Photographer)
   Christmas Jewels (The Saint)  Jack Frost (Candy Matson)  The Case of the Unwelcome Christmas Present (The Falcon)
   The Nineteen Santa Clauses (The Saint)  Berlin, 1945 (Quiet, Please)  The Christmas Eve Ghost (Front Page Drama)
   The Necktie (Calling All Detectives)  From a Starlit Hill (The Man Called X)  Nick Carter's Christmas Adventure (Nick Carter)
   Too Many Santas (Calling All Detectives)  The Blue Carbuncle (Sherlock Holmes)  Uninhabited (Lights Out)