Nick Carter, Master Detective was a crime drama based on pulp novels of the same name.  It aired on Mutual radio from 1943 through 1955 with Lon Clark (pictured) in the title role for its entire run.  Other cast members included his loyal assistant Patsy Bowen (played by Helen Choate and Charlotte Manson), reporter Scubby Wilson (John Kane) and Sgt. Mathison (Ed Latimer).

The half-hour shows were presented in a fairly straightforward manner, gaining their widespread appeal from the presence of clues provided throughout which could be used by attentive listeners to solve the whodunits.  Episodes usually concluded with the detective narrating an explanatory tie-up of any loose ends. 

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     Echo of Death  Missing: Harold Ascort  Monkey Sees Murder  
     Murder in the Crypt  Death After Dark  Murder by Fire  
     The Glass Coffin  Dead Witnesses  Death by Ricochet  
     The Flying Duck Murders  Death in the Pines  Eye for an Eye  
     State's Prison Evidence  Drums of Death  Ready for Murder  
     An Angle on Murder  The Professor's Secret  Mind Over Murder  
     The Body on the Slab  Murder by Magic  Four Rings of Death  
     The Drug Ring Murder  A Cat Brings Death  Poison With a Past  
     The Substitute Bride  The Numbers Murder  Webs of Murder  
     Nick Carter's Christmas Adventure  Murder on Mad Mountain  Death Behind the Scenes  
     The Double Disguise  Death in the Pool  The Witch of Donderberg Mountain
     Nine Hours to Live  Murder in the Night  The Vanishing Lady  
     Records of Death  Death Plays the Lead  The Mystery of Hangman's Wood  
     The Unwilling Accomplice  Murder Goes to College  The Haunted Rocking Chair  
     The Corpse in the Cab  Murder in a Decanter  The Man Who Lived Too Long